Air Conditioner Not Working

You’ll know there’s a serious problem with your A/C if it suddenly breaks down in the middle of a hot day. However, most people don’t realize that fixing minor air conditioner problems immediately can prevent major issues further down the line. When it comes to your A/C, here are some of the main signs of trouble you shouldn’t ignore:

Air Conditioner is Working, But Not Blowing Air

If your A/C isn’t blowing any air, then there could be a problem with the fan or fan motor. The fan should bring air over the evaporator coils and re-circulate it back into the room. If it isn’t performing properly, little or no air flow over the evaporator coils will make them too cold, and can even cause ice to form.

Contact our professional team to help. We will check the fan and fan motor to make sure the motor will turn easily and that the blades aren’t damaged. If the blades are damaged, we’ll recommend that they be replaced. Even if the motor turns easily, it may still be defective and need additional testing to determine the issue.

Low Air Flow

If your A/C unit is blowing cool air, but there just isn’t enough cool air to keep your home comfortable, then you should call a professional. There could be a problem with your drain line, which directs excess water vapour and condensation out of your home. Your A/C’s drain line can become clogged, which would stop it from working properly.

Improperly placed piping, or a build-up of dirt could cause the obstruction, and stop the drain line from working. Keep up with regular maintenance to prevent this issue.

Strange Sounds

Strange sounds coming from your A/C system may signal something is wrong, and they should never be ignored. Whistling sounds may indicate an air leak, gurgling noises could mean a refrigerant leak, and a grinding sound may mean you have damaged fan components. If you hear any of these noises, speak to a professional as soon as possible.

Repairing the AC

Air Conditioner Cools Then Stops Cooling

There could be a few reasons why your A/C cools and then stops cooling:

• The air filter could be blocking airflow (in this case try changing your air filter)
• The refrigerant pressure might be too low
• The circuit breaker could be tripped
• Your air ducts may have a leak.

You can prevent a lot of issues if you keep up with the regular maintenance of your A/C unit. However, some of the issues we’ve discussed here are more serious. Call the professionals at Guelph ClimateCare for help if you’re noticing any problems with your A/C. Our expert team is available 24/7 to help with your heating and cooling needs.

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