Looking for water heater contractors? Guelph is home to the best

Whether you rent or own your electric water heater, Guelph ClimateCare employs only the best water heater contractors Guelph and the surrounding areas will ever see. Contact us today to discuss replacing an older unit or installing a better solution in your brand new home.

Do you have to rent your water heater?

Absolutely not! Consider the benefits of owning your water heater.

Compare ClimateCare Rental Company
Do I own my equipment? Yes. No.
Will my monthly payment increase? No. The initial 5-year fixed rate supporting the contract may change with minimal impact on the monthly payment. Yes. Up to 3.5% annually. A 15-year rental agreement could lead to a 60% higher monthly payment than in your first year.
Do I have a full warranty? Yes. Yes.
Is my contract open? Yes. Entirely penalty free. Only a $39.95 initial set-up is charged. No. Heavy penalty fees can be applied for early cancellation.
Is maintenance included? You control your maintenance options. A ClimateCare WeCare maintenance plan is available. The rental company controls your maintenance options.
What is my contract term? Various options are available. Published rates are based on a 12-year term. Perpetual.
What happens if I wish to sell my house? Will I have any issues when I close the sale? No. Transferring your contract is simple. Possibly.
Is my monthly payment higher if I own the equipment? No. Clarity from ClimateCare monthly payments are right in line with rental company rates and in some cases lower. No.
One Payment. Zero Worries.
Own your water heater today with
No money downLow monthly feeRegular service and repairs 100% satisfaction guarantee

Clarity from ClimateCare offers solutions

We’ve got an ownership option that makes sense for your wallet and your bath tub. And Guelph ClimateCare’s water heater contractors Guelph homeowners trust most will be the expert technicians you can trust to help you make a smart decision.

Contact us today to talk to one of our knowledgeable and friendly experts on the electric water heater solution your home needs!

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