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Over the years, HVAC technology has become much more environmentally conscious. In addition to helping the planet, green HVAC technology has provided many other benefits as well. Top rated high-efficiency furnaces and air conditioners are bringing many advantages to Guelph homeowners.

How Has HVAC Technology Changed?

To become more environmentally efficient, HVAC technology has had to undergo some transformations. Technology has adapted by using energy analysis software to determine areas for improvement and to closely monitor an appliance’s performance. Through this, alternative methods for heating and cooling have been discovered and implemented.

Benefits to Green HVAC Technology

Energy Efficiency: One of the biggest benefits of green HVAC technology is the increased energy efficiency. To reduce negative environmental impact, new technology is designed to heat and cool your home while using less energy. This contributes positively to the environment, saves you money and makes your unit last longer.

Environmental Impact: Green HVAC technology is designed with the health of the planet in mind. New units reduce greenhouse gases and therefore the environmental footprint you leave. You no longer have to feel guilty about heating and cooling your home!

Money Savings: Since newer HVAC technology is more energy efficient, it will save you money on your monthly utility bills. If you are noticing your bills rising each month, it may be time to consider a newer, more energy efficient model.

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Are you convinced you should make the switch? Contact us at Guelph ClimateCare for top-rated high-efficiency furnaces and air conditioners as part of your switch to green HVAC technology.

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