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Even the best HVAC systems need to be checked, cleaned, and serviced by an HVAC expert. But, how often should you get your HVAC serviced?    

Our team at Guelph ClimateCare recommends servicing your HVAC system once a year for continued efficiency and home comfort. However, you may need to service your system twice a year depending on your usage and the state of components such as the ducts, coils, filters, and covers. We break down when and why you need to service your HVAC system for optimum efficiency.  

Is HVAC Maintenance Necessary?   

An HVAC system is a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit infused in one. Homeowners install HVAC systems to provide heating and cooling all year round. Getting your HVAC system serviced once or twice a year may sound like overkill. But the benefits of servicing your HVAC system transcend the obvious money-saving reasons.   

Your HVAC system loses efficiency over its lifespan. Every year, your HVAC loses 5% efficiency, which drives up your utility bill. Be it dirty filters, frayed wires, or even faulty coils, the fixes for an HVAC system are at their cheapest when they are detected early.    

Periodic maintenance from HVAC professionals ensures you don’t have subpar quality air and save yourself money in the long run. You don’t have to splurge on monthly maintenance or for DIY fixes.    

Our HVAC professionals are happy to help you learn the ropes of HVAC maintenance. The goal is to help you know how to detect some issues yourself and call our professionals when you need us to repair your heating and cooling units. 

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When to Service Your HVAC System 

Generally, you need to schedule your HVAC inspection and maintenance before you need it the most.   

For the AC unit, schedule its servicing during Spring. You will need your AC to cool you in the Summer heat, so you need to set it up for optimal performance by servicing it. Schedule your heating unit inspection, cleaning, and maintenance for Fall. Your HVAC expert will ensure everything is in good working condition, from the oil to the coils before Winter arrives.    

Servicing your HVAC during off-season periods (Spring and Fall) means you will spend less for HVAC experts than during Summer and Winter when their demand peaks. 

HVAC Components to Pay Attention to   

HVAC Components work together to bring about cooling and heating. One faulty component may not have immediate ill effects, but the problem worsens over time, and you may need to replace your split system, which is expensive. Pay special attention to certain parts, such as the filterer of your system.   

If you regularly use your filters, you may need to change them every 3-4 months. But if you have a pet or live in a dusty environment, you will have to change them more often. Clean the indoor and outdoor coil for proper airflow. If it sounds like too much work, we can help.  

Who to Trust with Your HVAC   

Guelph ClimateCare offers periodic servicing and maintenance plans for your HVAC to ensure it operates efficiently. Contact us today for a personalized maintenance plan that works for you. Seasons change, but your comfort shouldn’t. Enjoy the all-year-round comfort and safety of your HVAC systems with us.  

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