We get a lot of the same questions from homeowners all over the Guelph area, and we want everybody to feel comfortable in their knowledge of home comfort appliances before buying any equipment or signing up for ongoing service.

When you learn more about the HVAC equipment and service we provide, we’re certain you’ll be happy with the value you get working with Guelph ClimateCare.

So what do you want to know?

Does my furnace need cleaning?

Ventilation Cleaner - CheckYou’re really asking two questions here:

And the answer to both is yes.

Over time your ducts accumulate all kinds of gunk (just have a look in the ducts leading up from the floor of your kitchen), resulting in two things.

  1. Your furnace or AC has to work harder to move air around the house, reducing efficiency.
  2. Your family starts to breathe this gunk as the air becomes more saturated with it.

Professional duct cleaning takes care of both.

Replacing your furnace filter is also an important chore for the same reasons. It collects gunk, which your family ends up breathing in, and forces your furnace to work overtime, sapping efficiency.

It’s a good idea to take care of both regularly.

Is furnace oil the same as diesel?

Yes, sort of.

Furnace oil is a generic name for fuel your furnace can burn. Fuel like kerosene qualifies, and so does on road and off road diesel.

But before you even consider an alternative to the furnace oil you are used to, give us a call to talk about it. We want you to be sure you’re doing the right thing.

Can I recycle my furnace filter?

Home Air FilterIf you want to put it in your recycling bin for the city to take away – no. Put it in the garbage.

If you want to rinse the buildup off and put it back in your furnace to use again – yes. Not indefinitely, but you can certainly wipe down the dust deposits 2 or 3 times before buying a new one completely. After a few cleanings the surface of the air filter degrades to the point of ineffectiveness. So you’ll have to buy a new one eventually.

Should the furnace fan run all the time?

We keep ours running all the time.

The furnace fan circulates air through your home. Moving air around creates better overall air quality.

Movement prevents the development stagnant, stale air. Moist, stagnant air can condense on windows and along walls in your home.

Moist air sitting in one area too long causes mould. You might see paint and drywall deteriorating in certain areas if you leave the fan off when the furnace isn’t running.

The cost of running your fan constantly is probably less than $5 a month, and it saves potentially thousands of $$$ in renovations should mould develop anywhere in the house.

Still have unanswered questions? Give us a call. We want you to be in complete control of your home comfort, and we have the tools to make it so.

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