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Ecobee smart thermostats are a great option to help you save money on home heating. However, when you hear about them, you often hear them used with furnaces in a zone system. Is that all they are capable of or do Ecobee smart thermostats work for radiant heat and other kinds of heating systems? There are a few things you should know if you’re running an Ecobee smart thermostat with a new kind of heating system.   

Kinds of HVAC Systems the Ecobee Works With   

The Ecobee user guide does give instructions for how to connect the smart thermostat into a radiant heat system with a boiler. So, yes, you can use the Ecobee for radiant systems. 

You can also use the Ecobee smart thermostat with other unusual systems such as: 

  • Heat pumps: This includes air and geothermal heat pumps in one or two stages with or without auxiliary heat. The Ecobee can support zone heating with heat pumps. 
  • Radiant systems: The Ecobee can also support multiple radiant heating system types with air handlers and conventional cooling, or with heat pumps. So if you just have a typical central air conditioner working alongside your radiant heat you can still use the Ecobee. 

That said, you may need additional kits to make an Ecobee work with some radiant floor heating systems. You might need an integration kit, but these kits are very commonly needed for most floor-heating systems. 

Power extender kits (PEK) are also included with the Ecobee which may be necessary for your home. If you need to use a power extender kit because your home does not have a C wire, then you can use the kit to create a C wire. Or you can let the professionals worry about this detail of installation. 

You also need to ensure that your electrical system is compatible with the smart thermostat (as you do no matter what heating and cooling types you use). Ecobee is not compatible with 24VAC controls, systems in millivolts, DC voltage, or high voltage systems. 

Are you looking to install a smart thermostat system? Contact our team at Guelph ClimateCare today for more information. 

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Will I Need Multiple Thermostats? 

It is possible that, when you’re using a radiant heat system in combination with other heating and cooling options, or if you’re using zone heating, that you may need more than one thermostat in order to handle the whole system. This is typical of thermostats. 

Most homeowners who are interested in zone heating or less conventional heating options won’t mind having more than one thermostat. You’re probably interested in this setup to save money on utilities and to make your home more comfortable. Having two thermostats won’t interfere with that. 

Adjusting Setting for Radiant Heat Systems 

When your Ecobee smart thermostat is installed it will have many settings and thresholds built-in, which your HVAC professional may need to adjust for radiant heating. They could include: 

  • Heat differential temp 
  • Heat dissipation temp 
  • Sensor modes 

Are you looking for more information on smart thermostats and radiant floor heating? Let our team at Guelph ClimateCare answer any and all of your questions – give us a call today. 


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